Lake Shore Lager

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Chi Town Lake Shore Lager, from Chicago Brewing Company, Elgin, IL.  First of all, Chi Town…come on people, who the hell refers to Chicago as Chi Town, unless you are goofing around?  Someone from elsewhere I’m hoping.  Speaking of elsewhere, Chi Town Lake Shore Lager, an American pale lager, is brewed in Stevens Point, WI.  So my first impression is not great.  Lake Shore Lager looks thin, being pale straw in color, but its effervescence is amazing.  Despite the vigor of the carbonation, it does not support a head.  Corn is the first thing that comes to mind in the bouquet, maybe it’s corn syrup because there is a sweet quality there as well.  The mouthfeel is decent, being smooth and a tad richer than the pale macro-lager color would lead one to believe.  How does Lake Shore Lager taste?  Well, more corn and some sugar are what I notice, then a mild peppery bitterness takes over for a short bit.  I like drinking local, and Wisconsin is local enough to me, but I find Lake Shore Lager too corny overall to make a return trip.  If I had the choice of a Miller High Life or a Chi Town Lake Shore Lager, I’d take the High Life without hesitation.

48/100 American pale lager


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  1. Thanks Bill for your subjective opinion:

    Here is what the experts say:

    Chicago Beer Company
    Chi-Town Lake Shore Lager
    Gold Medal
    Golden amber color. Aromas of apricot
    marmalade on buttered raisin toast
    with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium
    body and very crisp, citrus, stone fruit
    and pepper driven finish. A very tasty
    fruity lager that is sure to please.

    by Beer Test Institute

    • Thanks Mike. Yes, it is subjective because I am tasting and reviewing beers for my own pleasure, not because I work for the Trib, who would have to be objective. I liked your Windy City Wheat a lot and look forward to trying your whole line of brews in time. Best of luck and congrats on the BTI Gold Medal!

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