Great Lakes Sinker

That creative and obscure play on words was brought to you by the number XM57.  Great Lakes Sinker also describes Edmund Fitzgeral Porter from Great Lakes Brewing Company.  Not that it’s bad, it just tastes like everything else in it’s class.  It is a multiple award winning brew, just the same.  It has that homebrewy, yeasty smell, coffeeish, roasty, carmelly vibe going on, and it looks good in the glass.  I had it on tap at Ted’s Montana Grille.  The waiter was clueless as to what it was when I asked if they had anything new.  Kind of indicative of Ted’s these days.  Service and food quality has consistently gone down since they opened and were our favorite steakhouse ever.  I don’t know, maybe the whole experience dulled me to the joy of beer, what with the gristly undercooked steaks and sad asparagus.  Anyway, there’s so much more out there, I won’t go out of my way looking for Edmund Fitzgerald.  The beer was better than the song, though.


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