Soft Parade

Image courtesy of Shorts' Brewing Company.

Image courtesy of Short’s

Brewing Company.

Have you ever thought about forsaking wine at the Thanksgiving meal because you don’t know much about wines and most wines are good enough for you and you prefer beer anyway and since you’re hosting people should be happy to drink anything you give them?  Well I had not ever felt this way until now.  Let me elucidate.  Short’s Brewing Company of Elk Rapids, MI, has a nice little brew called Soft Parade.  What?  A beer named after a Doors’ song and album?  I’m in!  This is described as a high gravity ale brewed with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries and it’s pretty tasty.  The color is a deep pinkish orange and the single layer head makes up for its ephemeral qualities by lacing the glass like in a generous and enduring way.  The bouquet is very berry with some butterscotch on the back end, so both fruit and malt are well-represented.  Soft Parade’s rather full, thick body is a bit of a surprise, but again the berry and malt are nicely featured.  The berry is not at all phony or medicinal in nature, as it so often is in berry beers.  There is also a touch of alcohol tang in the exhale which gives a dry edge without being bitter.  This is a lot like a sparkling wine, but not so effervescent, and that’s why I think this would be a nice replacement for wine at a family holiday dinner and there you have a full-circle, bell curve-like blog post.


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