Baderbrau Oktoberfest

Image courtesy of Baderbräu Brewing Company.

Image courtesy of Baderbräu Brewing Company.

I remember Baderbrau from the 90s.  Czech-style pilsner brewed right here, over by there, in Elmhurst, IL, by Pavichevich Brewing Company.  Ken Pavichevich was a hero to those of us who longed for decent domestic (even better, local) beer.  Now the revitalized Baderbräu Brewing Company, Chicago IL, under the leadership of Rob Sama, is opening a tap room and brewery in the south loop.  Great news indeed!  Their Oktoberfest beer is contract brewed in Stevens Point, WI currently, and is a nice seasonal brew.  It pours medium copper with a fine-bead head and noticeable carbonation.  There’s a fair amount of sweetness and rust and just a bit of alcohol in the bouquet, which is interesting as Oktoberfest is only 5.1% ABV.  I’m fine with that, but I do have an issue with a wet wool earthiness that finishes the bouquet.  It definitely doesn’t taste like wet sheep thankfully.  Sweet with good notes of roasted grain and a tart overtone, Baderbrau Oktoberfest is intriguing.  As the beer warms, it mellows and the earthiness abates.  There’s a little burn in the finish, way at the back of the throat, a good reminder of a nice local beer.  Makes me want to try the rest of Baderbräu Brewing Company’s offerings.  

I believe I will!

Also, check out the inspiring video on their website.  I’m on board!  Now, if someone would just bring back Legacy Lager…


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