Hofbrau Bock

As long as I’m on the bock subject, Trader Joe’s Hofbrau Bock is gold, has an average amount of carbonation and a hoppy bouquet that is quickly followed by sweetness.The head tends to be thin, but covers the surface well enough, and leaves plenty of lacing.  It’s tangy on the tongue and kick starts the salivary glands.  The hops attack the edges of the tongue and leave a bit of a rusty aftertaste.  It finishes thick and sweet with just a lick of alcohol.

It’s a good beer for the price ($4.99 a sixer in Chicago), and the label says it’s brewed in San Jose, so I think that tells me Gordon Biersch made this one.  I’ll have to go the local Bierschpub and compare.  It’s a hard life.


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