Revolution Brewing Company

This may be the best brewpub I’ve ever been to!  Bosco’s is good, Biersch is good, Rock Bottom is good, but Revolution Brewing Company at 2323 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, is

You've gotta go here!

fantastic!  Starting with their free brewery tour and ending with dinner, with a few beers in between, the complete experience is memorable and worth repeating.  Most of the management and brewers are alums of Goose Island and all are passionate about their product.  Good food, good service and great beer will bring me back often.

Let’s start with Baracus, a Russian Imperial Stout.  Served in a snifter and with a ABV of 11%, Baracus is an awe inspiring brew.  Deep brown and lovely to behold, there are notes of coffee, chocolate and darkness, and maybe a little bourbon to boot.  The taste is equally enticing.  Bitter, tart and complex, there are licorice, dark chocolate and coffee tastes and a whiff of booze in the exhale.  Wow!

Triple Fist IPA is a 95 IBU, 8% ABV triple pale ale that’ll satisfy the biggest hophead among us.  The bitterness of the hops is tempered by a substantial malt backbone.  This is like a liquid pine cone, people, with a touch of citrus.  It finishes dry and makes the mouth water at the same time.

Finally (for this trip) the TV Party Rye IPA is a very approachable IPA with a hint of earthiness and lot of character, just one in a series of brews named for Black Flag songs.

Whether you are a local or just visiting, it is well worth your time to visit Revolution Brewing Company!


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