Spaten Dunkel

I’ve lived a long time without ever having tried Spaten Munchen Dunkel, so I figured what the hell.  My credo:  Any product from one of the greatest breweries in the world should be sampled, savored and enjoyed.  Therefore, I will tell you this about Spaten Dunkel:


Stick with the Oktoberfest of Lager for your best Spaten value.

“Medium brown, not much carbonation, not much of a head.  Good bouquet, a hint of roasted barley, typical German dark lager vibe is present.  Smooth texture, not at all heavy, less sharp than a Beck’s Dark or Warsteiner Dunkel.  I think it’s a bit plain and disappointing.  It’s too flat.  The only place it affects positively is at the back of the tongue.  Eh.

That’s the description from my live-taste notes.  I will stick by what I said.


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