Grapefruit Sculpin

Image courtesy of Ballast Point Brewing Company

Image courtesy of Ballast Point Brewing Company

IPAs often have a grapefruity essence, so why not add actual grapefruit juice to an IPA recipe to make it legit?  That’s what Ballast Point Brewing Company has done with their Grapefruit Sculpin, an IPA that’s worth a try.  Grapefruit Sculpin sure is a beautiful beer.  Orange-gold with a creamy, merengue-like head and lacing to spare.  The bouquet off the head hints at the grapefruit within, but taste and see.  It doesn’t overwhelm but remains an important aspect of the taste profile, getting equal billing with the full malt sweetness and the hops after-dryness.  It’s much more subdued than a grapefruit radler, thank God, and seems like a very natural marriage of disparate ingredients.  You may notice some of the grapefruit notes becoming a bit sharper as it warms, but that may well be a bit of alcohol tang, being 7% ABV.  That’s a good thing though.  Grapefruit Sculpin is well-crafted, well-balanced and not overdone.  Perfect for a warm evening in the screenhouse.  Despite being a year-round offering you should get yours soon, because it’s getting to be the time to start thinking about maltier Oktoberfest beers and put the summer beers up for the season.  Mmmm…Oktoberfest…..

85/100 IPA


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