Wingwalker Lager

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R.J. King Wingwalker Lager is a light gold, lightly carbonated American lager whose frail white head quickly collapses to become a sparse film on the surface of the beer.  The bouquet displays some malty sweetness and hops…not really.  There is a hint of alcohol, but perhaps that is the hop resin making its presence known in a disguise, as Wingwalker Lager is only 4.5% ABV.  This medium-bodied lager is sweetish with some minor hop notes in the form of a mild and pleasant bitterness.  It’s a thirst-quencher, and better than your Buds and Millers by a bit.  Interestingly, the Wingwalker Lager that I review now is contract brewed by Genesee.  A few years ago I tried it and it was made by City Brewery in LaCrosse, WI and it was not so good.

60/100 American Lager


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