I took the month of August off to do a little research.  No blogging, just tasting, to see if I still wanted to blog about beer.  I do.  I keep finding good stuff and hope that someone accidentally stumbles on this.

Acme California Pale ALE and IPA caught my eye at Binny’s.  The retro packaging and Vargas girls drew my attention and I couldn’t resist.  The Cali Pale had a thin, whispy head that lounged on top of a golden yellow beer, with just a hint of haze.  There was a good malt presence but not a lot of hops.  It had a smooth texture and a mild taste, with lively carbonation tickling the tongue and a mild dry finish that lingers.  There’s your hops.  It was very quaffable with a little more body than standard beers.  Is there the slightest hint of berry?  Maybe a little too drinkable for my own good on a 90 degree Labor Day.

The Cali IPA is kind of a pale orange color and leaves a good deal of lacing on the glass. There is a moderate hoppy nose and a bit of sweetness.  Well carbonated, sharp and dry, but the hops make their presence known more in the finish than on the palette.  There is also a nice graininess that appears in the finish.  It has a higher alcohol content (6.5%/vol) than your average beer, if that matters.  I found it a very good beer, but not a great beer.


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