Arcadia IPA

Arcadia IPA (Arcadia Brewing Company, Battle Creek, MI) from the fine people that brought you Hopmouth and Sky HImage Courtesy of Arcadia Brewing Companyigh Rye pours with a 4″ head, 2″ of which extends over the top of the glass, without spilling down the sides.  Impressive.  As you might expect, when the head does recede the lacing is intricate and magnificent.  The bouquet emanating from the head is perfumy, with some rose, and some distant citrus, maybe lemon.  It is a delicious fragrance.  The texture is pleasant, being bright and lively in the mouth and still mildly lemony, and the 6% ABV is just right for this beer.  Arcadia IPA is not witbier lemony, but just kind of lemony in vibe.  Theres also a good malt representation, especially in the finish, which helps counteract some bitterness.  It’s a good beer.

80/100 IPA


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  1. Mr. Beerbliographer,
    As springtime nears, my thoughts turn to drinking beer in the warm afternoon sun. What are your thoughts about session ales? Are they worth my time?

    M. Montego

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