Lexical Gap

Image courtesy of Pollyanna Brewing Company

Image courtesy of Pollyanna Brewing Company

I thought my interest in IPAs was waning until I opened a can of Lexical Gap (Pollyana Brewing Company, Lemont, IL).  My interest in our wonderful language and its correct usage will never wane, so I had to find out what a lexical gap was.  Anyway, the can (yes, canned beer, how retro!) of Lexical Gap pished a hoppy/malty whiff right into my nose.  Lexical Gap pours a hazy gold with a frothy white head and a goodly amount of carbonation, and that head collapses into a lovely, lacy tangle.  Perfect so far.  The bouquet is piney with a touch of sulphur.  Sounds “interesting” but I assure you it’s nice.  It’s “brewed with massive amounts of Citra, Centennial, Simcoe, and Columbus hops” so your hops jones will surely be satisfied by Lexical Gap.  Lexical Gap is dry and hoppy, but a rich, saliva-thickening maltiness does a good job of deflecting some of the attention from the hops.  The mouthfeel is smooth and the 7.3% ABV is well concealed, but you start to feel it after half the pint is gone.  If you enjoy a long, dry finish Lexical Gap will not disappoint.

The fact that canned craft beer is become more popular is interesting too.  Glass bottle snobbery, of which I was guilty of, is becoming less of a thing.  Paradigm shifts are good.  Cans are good.  I pour my beer and let it breathe and warm for a few minutes anyway, so some of my snobbery will always remain.

An excellent IPA, and it’s brewed a mere 3 miles from my home, so I feel good about drinking local.

90/100 IPA


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