Single Wide IPA

Single Wide Appeal.

Whoa, Single Wide IPA from Boulevard Brewing Co., Kansas City, MO, pops when opened and pours with a HUGE head, lots of random patches of lace and the perfect amount of carbonation.  Single Wide IPA is slightly hazy, thanks to the extra yeast used for bottle-conditioning (thus the pop!), and light to medium gold.  This is a photogenic brew, for sure.  The bouquet is sweet and flowery, not overstrong, and very appealing.  I find notes of orange/citrus deep in the bouquet, and lots of pine.  The texture of Single Wide is silky and the body is on the lighter side.  It’s very drinkable, with the sweetness of the malt balancing well with the initial onslaught (maybe too strong a word to describe it) of the hops.  There a good-feeling bitterness that lasts and lingers in the finish.  This is a very good, accessible IPA.  Sometimes beer drinkers try to show how cool they think they are by drinking ultra hoppy beers, and with Single Wide you get a good dose of hops without hanging out the beer snob sign for all to see.  87/100 IPA


2 Responses

  1. What is meant by single-wide? Is this just related to the extra yeast or is there more to it?

  2. The brewers at Boulevard are just reminiscing about camping in a single-wide trailer like the one pictured on the label, and are contrasting it with their Double Wide IPA, which also has a trailer on the label. Single Wide is less hoppy, Double Wide is more hoppy. Haven’t tried Double Wide yet, but certainly will!

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