Sir Dunkle Dark

Image courtesy of Berghoff Brewery, Inc.

Image courtesy of Berghoff Brewery, Inc.

Here’s a nice one to help you make the transition from winter beers to summer beers.  Sir Dunkle Crispy Dark Lager from Berghoff Brewery, Inc. Stevens Point, WI, is an attractive mahogany-hued brew with a generous splotchy head and washes of sticky lace.  There’s a clean, mild hop presence in the bouquet with a yeasty  bread note.  There’s even a brown sugar note hiding way in the back.  The roasty, toasty notes, some biscuit and some sweetness show up on the palette in a nicely smooth sensation.  Clean, flavorful and well-balanced, Sir Dunkle finishes vaguely dry, and would be a nice accompaniment to a cheese-and-sausage-heavy dinner.  And for the record, it’s a Dusseldorfer altbier, and no longer made in Monroe, WI.  Yay!

I like it!

80/100 Dark Lager


Capital Dark

Capital Brewery, Middleton, WI first produced its Capital Dark in 1986 and it took me this long (I think) to try it.  I’ve had plenty of their other offerings, from bottles, on tap, at their brewery tour, but this one caught my eye the other day as I looked for dark beer for my wife.  Yes, I’m a thoughtful husband.  There’s a good whiff of yeast off the 3/4″ beige head, an average amount of carbonation and a bit of lacing.  The deep ruby/brown hue is appealing, as is the roasted malt notes eminiating from the brew.  Capital Dark is medium-bodied, not really flavorful, but it is lightly smoky, maybe, slightly yeasty and there is some roasted caramel present.  The finish is a touch bitter and dry.  This reminds me of really good homebrew, but I don’t want homebrew at $7.99 a six pack.     66/100 Dark Lager

Dark Beer is a Gosser

gosser20dark2012oz1I wish I knew how to type an umlaut on this keyboard.  Einegeweg, Gosser Dark, fresh from the keg, is deep brown with a tan-grey head.  The bouquet is an appetizing mixture of butterscotch and roasted malt, with a hint of dryness.  The richness of the malt makes for a nice texture, and it dominates the mildness of the hops, which makes its presence known in the dryness of the finish.  It’s in the finish that you get a nice whiff of alcohol.  Gosser Dark is above average in its complexity, but it’s not at all intimidating.  It is one of my favorite dark lagers.