Oak Horizontal

OakHorizontal_art_finalOak Horizontal, from Victory Brewing Company, Downington, PA, is the oak bourbon barrel aged version of their Old Horizontal Barleywine Ale, and I know why horizontal is used in the title.  This stuff will lay you out!  at 10.5% ABV, Oak Horizontal is not for the faint of heart.  And, it is delicious!  This “malt beverage aged in bourbon barrels” pours a hazy medium brown.  Oak Horizontal has a very malty, very boozey bouquet and a fizzy beige head.  Notes of coconut, vanilla and bourbon abound, wrapped in an all-encompassing sweetness.  Take a drink and you’ll feel the alcohol burn and the hops hit you with a good dose of bitter in the finish.  This is not quite Straightjacket (Revolution Brewing Co.), but it’s close and it costs less.  I drank half of the 750 ml bottle and felt happy.  My wife drank the other half and she was REALLY happy.  Get a bottle and you’ll be happy too!

90/100 Barleywine


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