A Good Week For Beer

Of course that’s every week, but last week we picked up a variety of good stuff.  Apart from my wife’s standard favorites, (Harp Lager, Beck’s Dark) we added Dinkel Acker Dark, New Belgium’s 4-variety 12 pack, Sprecher’s Black Bavarian, Eggenberg Doppelbock Dunkel…did I miss anything?…to our beer cellar.  Or as you might call it, our laundry room.  In addition, I bottled my home brew, a dark Belgian-style ale, and will crack the first open in a week or so.  Initial reports have it a little hoppy, but hopefully not too.

I’ll start with New Belgium’s goods.  So far have enjoyed both their 1554 Enlightened Black Ale and the Mothership Wit.  Let’s start with New Belgium’s bottles.  Very cool shape with a raised band around the neck.  The 1154 pours deep brown and produces a decent lacy head.  There are chocolate notes in the bouquet, along with some black patent malt and yeast.  It’s initially smooth, then the smokiness dances on the tongue and then the creamy, yeasty texture tells you that this brew has substance.  The Mothership Wit, although not typically a beer I would favor in January, was equally amazing.  Slightly hazy, light yellow and very effervescent, this beer floats a fine white head.  A tart, citrusy bouquet contains a hint of Trix cereal, and not in a bad, artificial flavor way.  It just has a grainy, cereal essence that blends nicely with the orange citrus.  It is bright and dry in the mouth, but not much to report on the hops.  This organic wheat beer is really a pleasure.  It is much more natural tasting than brews like Blue Moon for example.  Similar qualities, but more artisinal and honest tasting.  I wish it was an August evening, and I was sitting in the screenhouse, listening to the robins calling each other across the neighborhood.

Welcome to the Mothership.

Welcome to the Mothership.


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