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Bluegrass Brewing Company’s (Louisville, KY) American Pale Ale has a lot to live up to if you start by admiring the amazing pour.  It’s deep gold, sports a big, fluffy head and leaves lots of lacing.  Its hoppy-sweet bouquet does have a hint of bubble soap at first, but is not entirely unpleasant.  Maybe the recollections of lazy summer days in the back yard blowing bubbles and the sound of the plastic wand dipping into the bottle unlocked warm memories.  Or maybe I just like the taste of soap.  In any case, the dry texture of this brew is surprising at first, but gives way to a fleeting hoppyness and a brief sweetness before the very dry finish.  The aftertaste lingers a bit, and I’m not sure if I like that so much.  If I were eating something savory or mouthwatering I think I could get past the lasting dry aftertaste, so I have to give this beer a thumbs up.


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