Mission Street India Pale Ale

Here’s an interesting brew that is contract brewed for Trader Joe’s by at least two contract brewers.  Mine came from Steinhaus Brewing Company, as opposed to Firestone Walker, both in Paso Robles, California.  Perhaps they are the same company.  The point is, I found Mission Street India Pale Ale to be a very enjoyable beer.  This orange/amber IPA had light carbonation and floated a thin whispy head that remained present throughout.  The bouquet was very floral with a hint of citrus and pine.  It was very smooth and creamy, and a bit sweet with the everpresent prominent floral aroma, which bordered on perfumey, but to me was not unpleasantly so.  The hops presence was not too sharp or overbearing, but I am a fan of hops, so I am more pleased with what what hops can do than others.  The aftertaste was mild and pleasant, and still floral.  All in all a good beer, and despite being a tad thin-bodied, I would recommend it to those who enjoy a good hoppy beer that is not astingent or overly mouth-puckering.  $5.99 / 6-pack at Trader Joe’s in Westmont…reasonable!

I got 2 6ers from Metropolitan in Chicago and look forward to tasting and writing about them during the week.

Be sure to drink your beer.

It may smell like a funeral home, but it's a good beer.

It may smell like a funeral home, but it's a good beer.


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