Stone Russian Imperial Stout

Wow!  This is one flavorful, wonderful brew!  It pours black and sports a pretty decent beige head, which collapses and slides down the inside of the glass in an ethereal manner.  The bouquet is huge, starting with milk chocolate and ending with alcohol, visiting coffee, dark toast and dark prune in between.  The texture is rich and creamy, all the while presenting the tongue with a good dose of sharp hops.  The essences detected in the bouquet come out in the flavor quite nicely, and Stone Russian Imperial Stout finishes with alcohol and mild bitterness.  10.5% ABV does let this one sneak up on you if you’re not careful, so be prepared.  This is a perfect beer to savor on a cool winter evening in front of the fireplace with your best girl (and mine is White Russian) and a good beef roast.  Na zda-ró-vye! or do you say Hа здоровье!


One Response

  1. This brew and a full bodied premium cigar is sure to make my day infinitely better. The color of that head is amazing!

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