Heiferweizen Wheat Beer

Sometime it doesn’t seem fair to review a beer that so few have access to, but in this case maybe you will make a special trip to Columbus, OH to try this one for yourself.  Heiferweizen (named in honor of Maudine, a famous cow in OSU’s colorful history) is a hazy, light gold wheat beer and comes from Elevator Brewing Company, located in downtown Columbus.  Heiferweizen produces a big head and decent lacing and is vigorously carbonated.  As you would expect from a German-style wheat beer, the banana and clove esters are big!  There is also a bit of skunkiness, more likely a result of the yeast and not of spoilage, and it is not at all off-putting.  This beer is smooth and spicy, with a hint of peppercorn, ample sweetness, more banana and clove, and finally a spicy banana bread finish.  There’s just a touch of bitter/dryness on the back end of the finish.  Heiferweizen is good, fresh, clean and better tasting than a lot of comparible German offerings.  If you are in Columbus, check this one out, and to my Columbus connection, many thanks for introducing me to this perfect summer beer!  81/100 weiss beer


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