Trader Joe’s Vienna Lager

There’s nothing quite as exciting as when my wife greets me with “I have something for you”, with a knowing smile on her face and a gleam in her eye.  And when that statement is followed by the presentation of a 6-pack, I know I have found my soul mate.  This is the manor in which I was introduced to Trader Joe’s Vienna Lager.  Yes, I know it’s made by Gordon Biersch, that’s probably why I like it so much.  It’s orange in color, has visible carbonation and manages to support a thin head.  The bouquet is notable, with carmel, roasted malt and sweetness followed by a nip of alcohol.  It has a full mouthfeel, is smooth and tastes like it smells:  mellow, carmel, roasted grain.  Hops are not notable, but that does not detract from this good brew.  Complex and simple at once.  Good stuff, and at $5.49 a 6-er, not a bad deal.  That was litotes, for all you English Majors.


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