Before After Triple Bock

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Do you ever impulse buy a single bottle because it is cheap ($1.69 for a 16.9 oz. bottle) and strong (12% ABV) and has a label so weird that you just can’t resist it?  Before After (or After Before, depending) Triple Bock is one of those beers for me.  I don’t know if I’ve had a triple bock before, or if there’s really such a thing.  The local Binny’s always stocks weird beers from former Soviet territories, and I’ve always wondered what Moldovan, Latvian and Estonian beer was like, so it’s no surprise that I buy these odd bottles.  That section on the shelf might very well be there for me.  Before After is a Lithuanian offering, from Brewery Rinkuskiai (see Dragon Lady post), and turns out to be a pretty good value.

Before After pours a medium gold with plenty of carbonation and a nominal head.  It’s truly sweet smelling with a distinct alcohol bite.  Call it foreshadowing.  It is super smooth on the tongue, creamy, not too fizzy, and gut-warming for sure.  There are no hops to speak of, at least their presence is so overshadowed by the sweetness and alcohol sharpness that there really isn’t a relevant adjective to add here.  That being said, Before After is pretty good, and dangerously drinkable.  It’s as sweet and as strong as the initial whiff leads you to believe.  I sveikata!


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