Baja Stout

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Oatmeal Stout from Mexico?  What the???  Sure enough, and I thought the most flavorful beer Mexico had to offer to the world was Negra Modello.  Man, what an ignoramus I am.  Anyway, Baja Stout from Baja Brewing Company, San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico is a nice oatmeal stout that pours dark brown with a evanescent head and leaves you some splotchy lace to remember it by.  Notes of coffee, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, wood smoke and just a faint whiff of vanilla can be detected in the bouquet.  There’s a touch of dry yeast as well.  The mouthfeel is velvet smooth, and carbonation is hardly detectable on the tongue, and the coffee and cocoa makes a return in the flavor.  Baja Stout is substantial but not huge, and the 7% ABV doesn’t generate much heat.  This beer is a meal in itself, and I could only handle one per sitting.  This would be better in January than it is in May, but if you’re offered one, accept and enjoy whatever time of year it happens to be!

By the way, the brewers are from Colorado, explaining why there is stout in Mexico.


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