3rd Year Beer

Image courtesy of beerpulse.com

Image courtesy of beerpulse.com

To celebrate its 3rd anniversary, Chicago’s Revolution Brewing has produced a limited edition, barrel aged wheat barleywine called 3rd Year Beer.  Brewed with unrefined Mexican cane sugar (piloncillo) and aged for 4 months in Jamaican rum barrels, 3rd Year Beer takes on wonderful flavors and aromas.  As my wife exclaimed upon her first sip, “Oh my God that’s good!”, and I heartily agree.  3rd Year Beer is medium brown with a ruby cast, a very slight haze, good carbonation and minimal head retention.  Whiffs of alcohol, rum, sugar, mild caramel and a mild earthiness abound, and the smooth texture and mild tang add a richness to the character of the beer.  It’s very sweet, but not cloyingly so, and it’s gut-warming (11.2% ABV), with just a hint of bitterness in the finish.  3rd Year Beer is another offering in Revolution’s Deep Wood Series, and you can cellar a bottle of this for a few years to enjoy a more mature flavor profile.  Good luck waiting!

90/100 Barleywine


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