Blue Moon vs. White Biere

Everyone seems to be coming out with Belgian-style beers these days.  Bars are even featuring Belgian beers in order to lure those with a love of quality brews.  Hopleaf in Chicago is one of those establishments.  It’s been around for a while, but recently has been getting some press.  But don’t go there on a Friday night because it is just too loud and packed with people to actually enjoy the beer.  The waitress also asked me how I wanted my pork chop done, which I’ve never been asked before.  “How about done” was my answer.  Anyway, if you are looking for something good that you can try at home, here is a head to head comparison, and my choice as the winner.

Blue Moon Brewing Company of Toronto (owned by Molson Coors Brewing) has been marketing its Blue Moon Belgian White for a few years and after trying to avoid it (unapologetic beer snobbery, nothing less) I sampled some recently.  It looks very authentic with its thick frothy head, cloudy orange-gold appearance and moderate carbonation.  It’s orange-citrus bouquet has a healthy dose of yeast.  It has a nice flavor, maybe a bit contrived as far as the orange flavor goes, but it has a nice, smooth mouth-feel and a good malty texture.  It’s a good introduction to the Witbier style.
On the other hand, I was disappointed in Point’s Premium Belgian Style White Biere.  It was kind of lemony and tart with a wheaty graininess.  It was yellow and slightly cloudy.  Overall, it was just a little lack-luster, and it seemed to be trying to hard to be something it isn’t.  Not bad, just disappointing.

So, the winner is Blue Moon, available all over, and good for the last few weeks of summer.  Soon, OKTOBERFEST BEERS!  I love October, even if the White Sox are not playing.  Although, they are not mathematically eliminated from post-season play as of today………


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