Demolition Belgian-style Golden Ale

Goose Island, the brewery that introduced me to craft brews in the mid to late 80s, has a place in my heart for sure.  I don’t buy a whole lot of their products, but when I do I am often quite satisfied.  Demolition Belgian-style Golden Ale does not fit in that category.  It is brewed in honor of the Goose Island employees that continued to work efven as the mall around them was torn down a few years ago.  Demolition is golden yellow, highly carbonated, fizzy and produces a spotty head.  The bouquet is citrusy, fresh-smelling and crisp.  It is tart and excites the tongue with whaet-maltiness.  The problem is that is not over the top in any way.  Yes, it’s lively and refreshing but it doesn’t live up to its bouquet.  It finishes dry and a bit bitter, but in the middle, it’s just kind of there.  I ended up not wanting to finish the bottle, and the only other beer I have done that with lately is MGD 64.  I reluctantly rate this as 60/100 in the Belgian category, but I may be too generous because of my history with the Goose.


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