Pegasus IPA

Drink Local!


It’s always good to hear about a new brewery in your home town.  The new brewery I refer to is Argus Brewery and it is located in the historic Pullman neighborhood on Chicago’s Southeast Side.  In fact the brewery occupies the 2nd floor of a building that once served as Jos. E. Schlitz’ Chicago distribution center.  Pegasus IPA is surprising from the start, pouring a deep, garnet color, which is unusual for an IPA.  There was not much carbonation visible, and the head was fleeting and wispy, and left next to no lacing.  The bouquet is nice, being sharp and dry from a good dose of Cascade, Magnum and another variety of hops specially grown for Argus.  The hops give way to a slightly less well-represented malt presence, roasted with just a hint of caramel.  Take a drink and your salivary glands go into overdrive, with a hops forward bitterness, eventually yielding to the lighter malt flavors, helping to balance the brew nicely.  The color made me expect a little more body, but the lightness of body lends itself to more accessible and drinkable beer.  I could use a touch more carbonation on the tongue, but overall this is a nice product from a brewer I look forward to following!


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