I Want My HTV

Image courtesy of Odd Side Ales

I want my HTV from Odd Sides Ales, Grand Haven, MI, is honey gold with a rich beige head that leaves super-sticky lacing.  The clean bouquet carries toffee and caramel whiffs to your nose and the sweet, full body gives you a quick shot of Citra hops bitterness that lasts a long, long time.  This gut-warming Imperial Pale Ale (9% ABV, 61 IBUs) will put a smile on your face halfway through your glass, and you’ll keep smiling for the duration!

I like strong beer!



Also my nickname in high school, Thunderlips (Experimental Pale Ale) is another winner from Columbus Brewing Company.  Light yellow with a slight haze, Thunderlips‘ super frothy head collapses into a splotchy, lacey wonder.  (also a high school nickname)  The sweet, piney nose has a hint of citrus and a little sweet bread dough way in back.  (also said about me in high school)  Dry and bitter up front, Thunder Lips gives way to mild sweetness quickly.  (ditto)  More body than the light color suggests.  (never said about me in high school)  Thunder Lips reminds me of a Belgian IPA but less fizzy, but is classified as an APA.  I could go for a touch more sweetness but all in all a fine brew.  (and again)