Barrel-Aged Shipwreck Porter

Image courtesy of beer

Image courtesy of beer

Barrel-aged Shipwreck Porter from Arcadia Aless, Battle Creek, MI is a black beauty that smells and tastes as lovely as it looks.  It’s not as thick as you would think based on color, but by not being too heavy and substantial it becomes more drinker-friendly.  The head is fleeting and the lacing is slight, but don’t let it get you down, the best is yet to come.  There are some nice, tangy sherry notes and a prominent alcohol bite in the nose (12% ABV, 50 IBUs).  Barrel-aged Shipwreck Porter is tart, sweet and has notes of chocolate, cherry and dried plum in the flavor profile, with some coffee as well.  The alcohol does warm the mouth and stomach a bit, and it’s satisfying.  Although it has been aged in bourbon barrels, it’s not as bourbony as some others iI’ve tried, but that allows for a good appreciation of the other tastes and smells that barrel-aged Shipwreck Porter presents.

Good stuff, Zum Voll!


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