Here Gose Nothing

Image courtesy of Gordon O'Keefe

Image courtesy of Gordon O’Keefe

Sour beers are becoming more popular these days as brewers try to one up each other with obscure ingredients, new and or/historic beer styles and with “I’m hip, are you?” attitudes, and you truly either love sour beers or hate them.  I’ve tried them on a number of occasions, and I can appreciate that everyone has different taste buds and different perspectives on what a good taste or a bad taste is. I’m a dope from the south suburbs and grew up thinking Pixie Stix and Bubs Daddy was haut cuisine.  Without trying to influence you one way or the other I will give you my summary of Here Goes Nothing from Destihl Brewing, Bloomington, IL.  Vinegar, body odor, tart lime, sauerkraut, sour apples and salt.  Spontaneous fermentation, like hot summer garbage can.  Tastes like the love child of an Eryops fossil and a steaming landfill.  But please, judge for yourself!  If you hurry, my friend Al might not have poured the fifth can of his six pack down the slop sink yet.  That’s where I got mine.

Have a great day!


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