Big Wave Golden Ale

Image courtesy of Kona Brewing Co.

Image courtesy of Kona Brewing Co.

Yikes!  Its effervescence is immediately worth a mention.  Don’t pour Big Wave Golden Ale too briskly without a backup plan.  Big Wave from Kona Brewing Co. (Kona, HI, Portland, OR, Woodinville, WA, Memphis, TN and Portsmouth, NH) is light gold, crystal clear, floats a super fluffy head and leaves luxuriant lacing.  The bouquet is a bit papery with a little grain, grass and lightly floral sweetness.  It’s bright, tangy and fizzy on the tongue.  It has a bit more body than your run of the mill macro lager.  Big Wave tastes a bit sweet with a quick touch of bitterness, then it’s gone.  Overall Big Wave is mild, inoffensive and a tad boring, but it’s not bad and would be a good beer for out on the deck or in the screen house on a summer day.  In fairness, Golden Ales are not my favorite style for trying to impress my tongue with how cool my taste in beer is.  I’m not a beer snob, I prefer beer jag.

One thing I like a lot is the packaging.  The bottle shape is interesting and the label has a nostalgic feel to it without going so far as to be intentionally retro for retro’s sake.  The packaging is what drew me to Big Wave when I was assembling a mixed 6-pack at my local beverage store.

70/100 Golden Ale


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