Hudepohl Pure Lager Beer

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I was recently in a drinking establishment in Cincinnati and asked the bartender what kind of local beer would his grandfather have enjoyed back in the day.  I’ll have one of those, said I.  I was presented with a Hudepohl Pure Lager Beer forthwith.  Technically, this is a reformulated beer based on their original amber lager, but whatever.  I remember the name Hudepohl from my days as a zit-faced, teenage beer can collector in the late 70s.  Hudepohl seemed so exotic to me, living in the land of Old Style and Miller High Life.  Cincinnati was known for Pete Rose, the American Impressionist School and not much else to me.  Now here I am as a full-fledged adult about to taste my first Hudepohl.  I was not disappointed, but my expectations were very low.  It screamed to be consumed straight from the bottle, but I poured a drop so that I could see that it was slightly more orange than your standard American lager.  Nicely effervescent, a tad sweet and grainy, Hudepohl reminded me very much of the Old Style I remember from c. 1981.  A little sharp, a little rusty, (maybe tomato-y?) but overall not a bad beer, for what it is.  If I could transplant all of the local PBR hipsters to Cinci (I would), Hudepohl would become their beer.

I’m glad to have answers to my teenage Hudepohl questions.  As for my questions about tthe Charlie’s Angels actresses, they will stay locked in the 1970s forever.

All that being said, I will probably never have another Hudepohl based on my proximity to the source, and I won’t miss it.


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