Alter Brewing Company

Wow, another reason to love Downers Grove, IL.  Alter Brewing Company is the reason of which I speak.

imageLocated in an industrial area on the west side of town at 2300 Wisconsin Ave., it is easily accessible for Chicago beer lovers because of its proximity to both I-355 and I-88.  Go ahead, leave the city for once.  Ukrainian Village will forgive you. It gets loud in there, an invigorating kind of loud, and the modern industrial decor is very classy and understated.  I love industrial park taprooms!

Dank You is a copper colored double IPA that doesn’t smell overly hoppy, a bit floral, but WHAM when you taste it.  It’s bitter, but it is malty enough to thicken you saliva and coat that bitterness.

Dimension Double is a dark copper Belgian Tripel with a sweet edge to its bouquet, malty, sugary, light on the hops and in general good.  Really good.

Center Line is an inoffensive golden ale that will satisfy the Miller Light crowd.

Mandarina Pale Ale has a bouquet that is part floral, part Trix cereal.  Light-bodied, mildly hoppy and sweet in the finish.

Batch #1 Belgian IPA is great, and a perfect combination of both styles.  A bit sweet, some floral hops, lighter but not wimpy.  Great!

Alterior Motive is a dry-hopped IPA that is not for the uninitiated.  Earthy, musky and unique.  The hoppy tang is a kick, and as it warms it mellows, and the dry finish lingers.

Alto Porto is a porter with coffee and roasted malt notes in abundance, slightly dry, a tad earthy and really smooth and drinkable.

imageSounds good, eh?  I’ll meet you there in 20 minutes!

Drink local, don’t give AB-InBev get your money.


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