Generator Doppelbock

In my little world the time of the IPA and Golden Lager is over and the time of the Barleywine, Black Lager and Doppelbock is here.  And make them strong and warming please.  Generator Doppelbock, from Metropolitan Brewing Company, Chicago, IL, fits nicely in my current seasonal arsenal of brews.  It pours kind of a light Pepsi brown with average carbonation, a long-lasting head and minimal lacing.  Generator has a lovely bouquet:  nutty, earthy and toasty, all built on a firm foundation of rich caramel malt.  Generator has a lush mouthfeel and contains elements of bread dough, sweet caramel and roasted nuts in the flavor profile.  The long-lasting aftertaste is sweet and rich with just a touch of bitterness, but just a touch.  The 8% ABV will get you noticing it by the time you’ve had a few mouthfuls.  Generator is delicious, and it’s brewed in Chicago, two good reasons to go out and get some now!

90/100 doppelbock

BeersGeneratorLabelDrink local, f**k AB InBev


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