Great River Oktoberfest Beer

Image courtesy of beerbliographer.

Image courtesy of beerbliographer.

Oktober is almost over, but the supply of Oktoberfest beer remains good here at beerbliographer central.  Great River Brewery, Davenport, IA is one of the beers that fills out my stockpile.  It pours deep honey-colored with a slight haze.  It’s a little light on the head, but heavy on the malty bouquet!  It’s smells downright sticky.  There is a touch of rustiness in the nose, and if you are drinking it outside this time of year in the great midwest, be prepared to fight off the yellowjackets.  Great River Oktoberfest is sweet tasting with a touch of spicy black pepper way at the back.  Plenty of caramel too, and an alcoholic tang stings the sinuses a bit.  Or maybe I just inhaled a yellowjacket.  There’s a goodly amount of carbonation here, giving a lively appearance but not really contributing to the fleeting head.  A 16oz. can at 5.9% ABV and 25 IBUs is just about perfect for me.  Sweet, malty and sticky, Great River Oktoberfest is worth a try!

80/100 oktoberfest

Drink local, f*ck AB-Inbev


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