Miskatonic Brewing Company: a local legend is born

AJ and John, beer guys.

AJ and John, beer guys.

Miskatonic Brewing Company in Darien, IL, is a newcomer with a lot of experience.  I beseech you to read this Chicago Tribune article for details of how the company came to be and about the experience of which I speak.  I’d like to tell you about the beer.

Mrs. beerbliographer and I shared a flight on our way home from shopping just after noon on a Saturday, a very spur of the moment thing, but we look forward to going back during peak hours.  The space is great, located in a small industrial park on North Frontage Rd. in Darien, easy to miss if it wasn’t for the “craft beer” and “turn here” snipe signs out front.

Shield Maiden is an American Pale Ale with a good dose of hops and a malty foundation that compliments the piney, perfumey hops and does a good job of balancing the dryness with sweetness.  Good stuff.  Ingenue is a Belgian-style farmhouse ale with hints of citrus and peppercorn, but a mild sweetness pervades, and a light body makes it very drinkable.  At 7.3% ABV exercise caution.  The alcohol is well hidden in the overall taste profile.  Prodigal Son Belgian Porter has a good dose of roasted malts and chocolate in the nose, and just enough of a coffee vibe to make for a mildly dry finish.  My favorite is Catchpenny.  About 8% of the recipe is flaked rye.  The right amount to add a slight spiciness but not enough to

Cool graffiti wall graphics with a nod to H.P. Lovecraft.

Cool graffiti wall graphics with a nod to H.P. Lovecraft.

be off-putting to those who are not rye fans.  None of the grassiness that some rye beers have either.  Light-bodied, easy to drink and at 4.5% ABV you might want a second.

Flight of the day

Flight of the day

Best of luck to Josh Mowry and John Wyzkiewicz, the men behind Miskatonic Brewing Company.  I look forward to seeing you soon.


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