Barrel-Aged Naked Evil Belgian Barley Wine-style Ale

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A 22 oz. bottle for just under $1.00 an ounce?  Whoa, but my wife said we’re worth it.  She’s right as usual.  It’s hard to see the carbonation in this mahogany beast, but it’s there, propelling a fine, thin head that leaves a sticky lace pattern on the glass.  It’s got that typical Belgian wit yeast aroma with lots of sweetness.  Raisin notes, banana bread and alcohol waft off of this thick bodied and very sweet delight.Take a sip and there’s more banana bread, followed by molasses and candi sugar and a quick nip of dryness.  Did I mention it’s aged in whisky barrels?  That boozy quality that you want is there but not in an overly assertive manner, but just enough to add some complexity to the flavor profile.  Barrel-Aged Naked Evil Belgian Barley Wine-style Ale is a really good, rivh beer, and its gut-warming qualities are suitable for the coming cold weather.  Hoppin’ Frog Brewery in Akron should be high-fived!


92/100 Barleywine


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