Firestone Oaktoberfest

Image courtesy of August Kastendiek.

Image courtesy of August Kastendiek.

Yes, I said OAKtoberfest.  Firestone Oaktoberfest is not oak barrel aged, but named after Robles, as in Paso Robles, “pass of the oaks”, where the beer was made by Firestone Walker.  This beer pours a lot less orange than you’d expect, being more of a deep gold.  Head retention is good, lacing is good, carbonation is good.  It smells clean, with a little citrus and a little floral hops.  Oaktoberfest tastes good too, being really malty and grainy with more floral hops on the back end and some dryness in the finish.  It’s really not a bad beer, but I was a bit surprised and a bit disappointed because this is really more of a German-style marzen beer, and I kind of like the more complex American version.  In fact, Oaktoberfest tastes very much like Firestone Walker’s Pivo Hoppy Pils, and I don’t think I can tell the difference between them, but I am just relying on memory.  Still, I do tend to remember important things, like Jim Morrison’s birthday, my first license plate, the words to Paul Revere’s Ride and what beers taste like.


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