Three Frogs IPA

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If you’re ever in Columbus, OH, please bring back a 6-er of something from Elevator Brewing Company for me.  Three Frogs IPA would be a good choice for that 6-er, and thanks in advance gentle reader.  Three Frogs is deep gold with an orange cast (not so pale!) and hangs on to a nice 1/4″ thick head while you enjoy it.  Bountiful carbonation fuels that head as well a the lush lacing that remains as the glass drains.  There are some floral and some citrus hop notes in the nose along with a deeply-rooted caramel foundation that supports a bready malt note, and a sharp alcohol tang to round things out.  Three Frogs has a full mouthfeel, as expected, with a good dose of sweet, followed by a clean, dry feel at the end.  At 7.6% ABV it is a tad strong, so be aware.  It is a bit astringent in the finish, but don’t let that scare you, that’s the hops talking.  Three Frogs is a really good, drinkable, not too look-at-me-I’m-a-hop-bomb kind of an IPA.

84/100 IPA


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