400 Pound Monkey

Image courtesy of Left Hand Brewing Company, Ltd., Longmont, CO

Image courtesy of Left Hand Brewing Company, Ltd., Longmont, CO

Yes, an IPA that isn’t trying to shove mega-hops down your throat!  This IPA thing is getting a bit ridiculous, with mouth-puchering IBUs and hop oils so over-the-top that you need to suck on a grapefruit rind infused pine cone to get the taste out of your mouth.  I love what hops do for beer and definitely was willingly sucked into the hop-love vortex, but please, enough already.  This English-style India Pale Ale, 400 Pound Monkey, is light to medium-gold in color with a good off-white head and lots of lacing.  The bouquet is not uber-hoppy, but has good dose of sweet and a touch of stinky (or earthy if you prefer).  400 Pound Monkey is sweet on the tongue and just a touch sticky.  Yes, the hops are there, and add some sharpness, but mostly make their presence known in the finish, in the form of a drying, bitter sensation.  At a healthy 6.8% ABV, two of these will probably get you to where you’d like to be.  This Left Hand Brewing Company brew is pretty dang good, and I recommend it for a warm summer evening, to be enjoyed on the porch as the sun goes down and the night creatures come out to perform their wonderful summery songs.

And dig that crazy label art!

87/100 IPA


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