I THOUGHT there was something wrong!

Sad, disappointed, angry.  Read on, especially the comments.

Beck’s to be brewed in St. Louis.

Beck’s Dark tasted off, I read the label and the above article confirmed my worst suspicion.


2 Responses

  1. Dear Beerbliographer,
    While I haven’t purchased a Beck’s beer in years, this really makes me angry. Doesn’t A-B have enough already? It’s bad enough that they ruined one of my favorite hometown beers Goose Island IPA. I tasted a difference right away…way less hoppy and too carbonated – suspecting they are using hop extract. I guess that’s for another story.

    Glad that Beck’s customers are a discerning bunch…maybe A-B will learn a lesson.

    Thanks for the Polish Moon mention…will be looking for it at my neighborhood beer emporium.

    -D. Usual

    • It’s been Donna’s go-to, all purpose beer for years, but I’m thinking Warsteiner Dunkel will fill that role.

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