Cinder Bock

Image courtesy of Boston Brewing Co.

Something always keeps me from trying Sam Adams’ craft offerings.  Familiarity with the brand?  Too many more obscure choices to distract me?  I don’t know, but I’m sure as hell glad I picked up a bottle of Cinder Bock!  Brown, well-carbonated and floating a 1/4″ thick, long-lasting head, Cinder Bock is a real treat.  At 9.4% ABV, this beer is formidable from start to finish, but don’t be intimidated.  The bouquet has a smokey sweetness to it, full and fresh, and not at all like some of the beef jerky-like rauch biers out there.  It is fairly sweet, but not cloyingly so, tart, bitter (a bit/just enough) and the smokiness is perfect.  Cinder Bock is delicious, and as it warms, all of the individual flavors are amplified.  This beer literally makes me very happy.  Next time I’ll have it with German food.  That will be perfect.

93/100 rauch/doppel


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