Ranger India Pale Ale

Image courtesy of New Belgium Brewing

You may notice a theme here lately.  IPAs.  My favorite style.  The hoppier the better.  Ranger India Pale Ale from New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, CO is the next in the series of IPAs in my beer fridge.  Simcoe (for aroma and bittering), Cascade (for that citrus/grapefruit essence) and Chinook (spicy, piney notes) hops are used in this medium gold, crystal clear and lightly carbonated IPA.  The bouquet off the head of Ranger India Pale Ale is just a bit skunky, maybe earthy is a better adjective, but it is mainly piney with some toast or biscuit, and a touch of metal guitar string.  I know, it doesn’t sound appetizing, but it works.  The head is generous, white and very lacey.  More hoppy goodness greets the tongue, and the sparkly, lively nature reveals the carbonation.  Some malt helps balance the hops on the back end, but the dry finish reminds you that Ranger India Pale Ale is about the hops.

85/100 American IPA


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