Sixth Glass

The Sixth Glass.  Not a Hitchcock movie, but instead another great brew from Boulevard Brewing Company of Kansas City, MO, and part of their Smokestack Series of beers.  It is also a reference to Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Watchman of the Tower”.  Boulevard is fast becoming one of my favorite breweries, and The Sixth Glass is one of the many reasons.  A Quadrupel Ale, Sixth Glass pours deep amber with a generous 2″ head and a bouquet that greets the nose from 2 feet away.  Super effervescent and lovely to behold, Sixth Glass is Sweet, tart, yeasty and citrusy.  It is light on the tongue and presents the drinker with a good dose of caramel and enough hop astringency to balance the overall profile of the beer.  Be prepared to enjoy the raisin and dried dark fruit notes of Sixth Glass as it warms, too.  The finish is vaguely dry, and for a 10.5% ABV ale it is an easy drinker.  This one will warm your heart for sure.  And your gut.  And your ears.


2 Responses

  1. I like their Pale Ale….Its one we buy to have in our beverage fridge at home.

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