Flossmoor Station Restaurant and Brewery

Located in the former IC train station in Flossmoor, IL, Flossmoor Station Restaurant and Brewery is a necessary stop for lovers of good beer.  There are a number of different varieties on tap at all times, all of which are delicious and well-crafted, brewed on site.  At the time of my visit in Mid-March, the best beer on tap was the Bourbon Barrel Aged Ale.  It was an amazing beer:  boozy, sweet, zinfandelly and irresistible.  The Iron Horse Stout is a creamy oatmeal stout with coffee notes and a dry and slightly bitter finish.  Rail Hopper IPA is pale orange and hazy, and full of piney hop goodness.  Dark Matter is a formidable brew, an earthy and smooth Imperial Stout with notes of dried plum and lots of licorice.  Way at the back end of the finish I detected a little apricot as well.  There was a consistent hoppiness throughout, start to finish.  Sounds odd, but it works.  I couldn’t drink two, though.

To make my experience at Flossmoor Station Restaurant and Brewery even more enjoyable, I was able to be there with my wonderful, intelligent and vibrant cousin Jena.  Who could ask for anything more?


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  1. I know her too, she rocks. Lucky you. xoxo

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