Philly Brew Impressions, Briefly

Brew Works Hop’solutely is a Triple IPA that’s spicy and earthy, sweet and malty, and not hoppy to the point of being overbearing.  11.5% ABV make it a skull warming brew, and one I recommend.  Over at Nodding Head Restaurant and Brewery (named for a sweet bobblehead collection) I can recommend 3 of the 4 I tasted.  BPA is hoppy and substantial, and the best of the beers I tried.  Rufus is a Belgian Ale, 6% ABV, slightly hazy, piney, citrusy and spicy, and light-bodied enough to make it very drinkable.  Belgian Chocolate Stout is another winner, made with plenty of chocolate for a wonderful cocoa sweetness and enough hops to dry the finish a bit.  Good for a flavored beer.  60 Shilling, a light Scotch Ale, was plain and non-descript, with a hint of yeast being the only flavor I can pick out.  Yards’ Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale is a strong (8% ABV) ale, the recipe being based on one of Jefferson’s own.  Slightly cloudy.  Caramel, yeast, spice, hops…everything comes together in a nice beer.  I like Philly.


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