Black Death Imperial Double IPA

Black Death pours black, and the rich deep beige head collapses into a splotchy, lace-producing mass.  The bouquet is perfectly balanced between the earthiness of the yeast, the tang of the hops and the roastiness of the malt.  Smooth textured and sweet, the sharpness of the hops makes way for butterscotch (a little) and coffee (a lot) notes.  The bitterness and dryness in the finish is refreshing, too.  A great brew.  The sad thing is…you can’t get it, it’s a homebrew made by SwillH2O.  This review is my way of nudging SwillH2O toward a marketing strategy or a word of mouth campaign.  I’ve tried their Illuminator IPA as well, and people, this is good stuff.  Maybe sell a barrel to a local pub and see how it goes.  It could compete with Capitol, Lake Louie and New Glarus for sure.  Do it Lu!


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