Big Flats Lager Beer

It's not just for breakfast anymore!

How quaint, canned beer!  Again!  Don’t be falsely colored by the plethora of bad reviews out there, Big Flats is not that bad.  Damning with faint praise?  Not really.  Big Flats, the Walgreens house brand, pours a light straw color, starts with a good head, leaves a decent amount of lace and is well carbonated.  It’s not a skunky bouquet, but it may be a bit rusty at first.  Definite corn esters in there, too, which is no surprise.  It’s a little sweet, and there is just a quick bite of hops at the onset.  It has more body than Bud Light, more personality than MGD Light.  It finishes with that typical macro-budget brew, flaked corn, grainy feel.  Ice cold, after an afternoon of yardwork in July, this stuff would be great.  On a chilly February evening…it’s better than nothing, and 10 times better than a Minhas Craft Brewery budget beer.   It’s made by Gennessee under the name of Brewmaster’s Choice and is $2.99 for a 6-er,  Still, I’ll call it a 47/100 lager beer.


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