Happy New Year!

When I was young (I’ll estimate that from about age 20 to age 35 – I’m 47) I couldn’t wait to do something exciting on New Year’s Eve.  It didn’t always work out that way, but it usually involved leaving the house, the neighborhood and probably the town.  Good beer (not always in moderation) was always involved.  As I matured, which is up for debate, I found staying closer to home to be the more sensible option.  Moderation also became the sensible option as well.  Hanging out with friends with children my daughter’s age, within a 2-mile radius of home (it will be 200′ from home tonight) is the way to go for me these days.  One thing that will not change:  Good beer will be involved.  I believe I have chosen well for tomorrow night.  Flossmoor Station Porter, Ommegang Three Philosophers and Left Hand Black Jack Porter are the brews of choice, with a splash of Goose Island Winterfest if my friend shares the 12-er I’m giving to him.  Dance Central on the Kinect, and the ubiquitous Rock Band/Guitar Hero jam session will make the evening complete.  Happy Hogmannay!

To all of you who visit this blog and find it useful or entertaining in some small way, I thank you, and will continue to search for the perfect beer in the coming year.  Have a great 2011.

the beerbliographer


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