Taj Mahal Premium Lager

Light gold with a good deal of carbonation, no need to be skeptical about the quality of a beer from India.  Taj Mahal has a thin but persistent head and better than average lacing.  The bouquet is crisp, a bit sweet, a bit rusty and a bit papery.  That sounds like an indictment, but it is really nice.  The taste is great.  Full malt, very pleasing, not sugary and the hops is noted lightly in the finish.  It really thickens the saliva as well.  Definitely the perfect beer for spicy Indian food.  Substantial enough to put out the fire but no risk of overpowering the flavors of the food.  I really like this beer.  I’ve read bad reviews for Taj Mahal elsewhere, but couldn’t disagree more strongly.  89/100


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